What Are the Most Common Challenges Faced by Construction Companies in Nashville, Tennessee?

The construction sector in Tennessee is facing a labor shortage, making it difficult for companies to find skilled workers such as welders and iron workers. MC3 has been attempting to recruit people who are not typically exposed to the industry to fill these roles. At Crain, we have encountered nearly every possible issue that could cause a new construction or renovation project to fail. After completing more than 4,000 projects, we have also learned how to anticipate and avoid these obstacles.

In most cases, the problems caused by delays can be addressed and even prevented by making the right decision in the pre-construction phase of the project timeline. If unexpected issues arise, we work quickly and innovatively to resolve them. In most cases, poor execution is due to inadequate planning. Commercial construction planning goes beyond setting the budget and schedule for the project. It involves identifying potential risks, developing site-specific security plans, establishing contingency plans, coordinating site logistics, and creating a procurement plan based on the realities of today's market.

When unanticipated challenges arise, it is essential to adopt new and creative ideas. For instance, during the construction of the Element Hotel in Nashville, COVID-19 delayed the granting of permits. Then, the Christmas Day attack kept inspectors busy assessing damage to the building and the elevator on Second Avenue. Instead of waiting idly by, our team found creative ways to get inspection approvals so we could finish the project. Clay Crowover, President and CEO of the Tennessee metropolitan section of Associates Builders and Contractors, stated that elected officials in the region promote open competition, education and employment growth and award construction projects on their merits regardless of employment affiliation.

DWC Construction is a general contracting company that provides general contracting and construction management services as well as comprehensive design and construction services. Finishing a project on time can be critical for the owner who commissioned it, and construction delays can have a major impact on operations and profitability. In a city like Nashville, employees in the furlough department are receiving more requests than ever. Therefore, when you take your employees to Tennessee to a space built by DWC Construction, they will be able to work in a space constructed by people who already live and work here and who love what they do. Work-life balance and employee well-being are essential in any industry but are especially important in commercial construction.

At Crain, we have found that working alongside customers during the pre-construction phase is incredibly useful in ensuring the overall success of a construction project. In addition to labor shortages, Nashville faces many other challenges related to the growing affordable housing crisis in the area as well as the lack of funding for public transportation projects. To overcome these issues, elected officials promote open competition, education and employment growth while awarding construction projects on their merits regardless of employment affiliation. Furthermore, work-life balance and employee well-being are essential in any industry but are particularly important in commercial construction. Here in Music City Nashville, we have been entertaining the world for decades just as DWC Construction has been constructing great interiors. By making smart decisions during pre-construction planning and working alongside customers throughout the process, companies can anticipate potential risks and develop creative solutions when unanticipated challenges arise.

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