Common Causes of Delays in Construction Projects in Nashville, Tennessee

Construction projects can be subject to delays, regardless of the type of project. Common issues that can lead to delays include outdated or faulty electrical systems, hazardous materials, covert code violations, and poor workmanship from previous projects. In Tennessee, construction delays and defects are among the most common causes of disputes. While criminal activity is not usually the cause of construction delays, there are a variety of reasons that can lead to delays and civil lawsuits. Architects, builders, developers, homeowners, construction companies, and subcontractors are all likely to be involved in legal action related to construction law at some point.

Even with careful planning and preparation, delays in construction projects are inevitable. The goal of scheduling and planning should be to inform all parties involved in the project when different tasks and stages of construction have been completed. Traffic and lane reductions on I-24 can also cause delays when travelling to and from Nashville. The scope of construction works is the contractual agreement that outlines what needs to be done to complete the project and who is responsible for it. Once estimates have been finalized, contractors need an easy way to add the project to their construction management platform and get started.

If you are involved in a construction dispute of any kind, it is important to consult an attorney with experience in construction law. Quickly coordinating actions and approving items can result in construction work being completed on time or even ahead of schedule and under budget. If you are working in an area with no snow but extreme heat waves, it is best to complete many of the first stages of construction during the colder months. This will help you accurately understand and predict the scope of work for each task and create a schedule that will help avoid delays. Defining the problem or project before assigning tasks is essential for avoiding delays in construction projects.

This approach should include defining the scope of work process to manage project delays, creating an easily accessible summary overview of the project, mentioning milestones and results, clearly assigning which functions are responsible for each task, and developing a schedule for those tasks. In some cases, fortuitous events such as government regulations or shortages of materials or equipment can also cause delays in construction projects. Last month, a Tennessee-based construction crew arrived at their place of work only to find that the house had been stolen. This would be an example of a fortuitous event leading to a delay.

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