The Most Common Types of Construction Projects in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee has seen an incredible surge in public and private investment over the past decade. From the projects that have been completed in the last three years to what is being built and planned for the future of the city center, there is no shortage of construction projects in the area. This list does not include renovations to hotels, offices, or commercial properties. The Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT) is responsible for maintaining, reconstructing, and addressing the vulnerability issues of more than 3,500 sewers located in the Metro right-of-way.

Additionally, Nashville is facing many challenges related to the growing affordable housing crisis in the area and a lack of funding for public transportation projects. Clay Crowover, President and CEO of the Tennessee Metropolitan Section of Associates Builders and Contractors, states that elected officials in the region promote open competition, education, and employment growth and award construction projects based on their merits, regardless of employment affiliation. The most notable construction project in Nashville is Tower 3.This 43-story office building is 800,000-square-feet and is located in downtown Nashville. In addition to Tower 3, there are also plans to build another 43-story office building with a similar size. The NDOT oversees the design and construction of millions of dollars in transportation and infrastructure improvements every year. Other construction projects that have been completed or are currently underway include a new convention center, a new soccer stadium, a new hotel, a new music venue, a new park, a new library, a new performing arts center, a new transit center, and several other projects.

These projects are all part of an effort to make Nashville an even more attractive destination for tourists and businesses alike. The city of Nashville has also invested heavily in infrastructure improvements such as roadways and bridges. These improvements are necessary to accommodate the growing population and ensure that traffic flows smoothly throughout the city. The NDOT is also responsible for maintaining existing roads and bridges as well as constructing new ones. In addition to these large-scale projects, there are also smaller projects such as sidewalk repairs and streetlight upgrades that are being completed throughout the city. These smaller projects are often overlooked but are just as important for keeping Nashville safe and attractive. Overall, there are many different types of construction projects taking place in Nashville.

From large-scale projects such as Tower 3 to smaller projects such as sidewalk repairs, there is no shortage of construction activity taking place in this vibrant city.

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